My best friend died suddenly on Saturday, July 25th, 2009.

Wade Loomis was the best man I've ever known. We've been best friends since we were 12 years old. He was my second roommate, and my constant friend. I have more great memories of times with him, than of any other human being. We spoke all the time, though we hadn't had a chance to get together in person for a while. last month, I told him that he was the only human being whom I trusted unreservedly and totally, with anything. He told me the same, and I am so grateful that we had that conversation now. I am so deeply in shock at the idea that I will never again hear his voice on my phone, saying, "SCOTT!!!", or, "Boy, back in mah day.... urrrrrrghh..."

I don't know what I'll do without you. You were my best friend, the one person who I could go to with anything - anything - and know that you would do anything in your power to help me. I know you knew that I would do the same for you in a heartbeat.

I can't imagine a world without you in it. You were my brother. Save me a spot at the bar, wherever you are now, and I'll meet you there, whenever this crazy ride comes to it's end.

I love you, Wade.

My world will never be the same.

Rest in Peace

Mister Mordecai, my sweet old Siamese kitty, passed on today. He had developed a nerve center issue that gave him terrible vertigo, and was having a very hard time. I was forced to do the most difficult thing I've ever done, and let him go.

I held him in my arms, stroked and comforted him, told him that I loved him and that he was a very good cat, so he would know that he was safe and loved and I was there for him, and then the doctor put him to sleep gently while I held him in my arms.

In the spring, I'll bury him near Beast, on the farm.

Rest in Peace, Mister Mordecai, Mister Fuzz, Fuzz-nuts, Mister Fuzzinator, my yowly growly Fuzz. I'll miss you. I love you.

God, I hurt right now.


Ben and Sarah's baby was born!!! 7.3 Lbs, 19 inches long!! Name to come once they tell me... but YAY BABY!!!!


Some of those who wander ARE lost...

So yesterday, I was working in my 'office', AKA The Room With The Modem In It, and, when I was done, I shut down my PC. Once the sounds of the fans had stopped, I heard what sounded a lot like a kid crying, coming from the woods behind my back yard. Needless to say, this caught my attention, particularly when I heard what sounded like a scared little boy calling for his daddy. Concerned, I went out to my back yard, and saw a splash of color in the back woods. I called out, and heard a panicked-sounding "DAD?!" in reply. I said, "no, it's your neighbor, Ted". The response was an equally scared, "TED?!"

My next door neighbor's 4 year old boy had gotten lost in the back woods, during a rainstorm, and couldn't find his way home. He was terrified, covered in burrs, and soaking wet to boot, the poor thing. LUCKILY, I had introduced myself to the neighbors and met the boy (whose name is Ethan) earlier, so he knew it was okay to talk to me at least. Once I helped him get out of the woods and into my yard, I walked him to his driveway and he said that he was all right to get home from there. I made sure he was well up his drive before I walked back to my house.

Poor kid, he must have been stuck out there, lost and terrified for at least 20 minutes, judging from how soaked he was and how many burrs he had accumulated by the time I found him. I can't even imagine how terrified he must have been, lost out there alone in the woods.

So that was my good deed for the day. I'm happy that I was there and heard the poor kid, he must have been scared half out of his mind, lost in the woods during a rain storm and no one coming to help him... I'm glad I could.

Lucky, lucky, lucky...

So as some of you know, I got into a very serious car accident on Sunday night. I was getting on to 794 in front of the Summerfest grounds in MKE, went to change lanes, and got T-boned by an Acura SUV that was going somewhere around 50-60 MPH. I wasn't in my Jeep - thank god, because I was told that I would definitely have been killed if I had been - I was driving my parents' F250, which saved my life.

Here's what remains of the F250. Bear in mind, also, that this is a TWO TON HAULING TRUCK, that sustained THIS level of damage.


I'm amazingly lucky to be alive. No injuries except a mild concussion and some brusing. I was knocked out during the crash, and I can't actually remember it happening. Yeesh. I'm just happy as hell I survived it intact. Someone, somewhere, must be looking out for me.

Birthday, not that anyone's listening...

The birthday thing is going to be at Brocach on Saturday, it seems.

If anyone can afford to come out, since everyone apparently seems to be broke (and no bitcha to me, you know nothing of poor, Jon Snow), do so. I'll be there, hopefully having some drinks with friends. Or possibly alone. We'll see.

Also, blah.

Fourth of July?

Anyone doing anything fun tomorrow, since everyone has the day off?

Also, it's my birthday on Saturday, and I need to decide whether to stay up here in Madison and do Brocach (Since I simply cannot afford to have a big party with a half barrel as I have for the last 8 years in a row), or to go to Milwaukee and go barhopping with some friends down there... I'm leaning fairly strongly towards the MKE thing at this point, as I'm not certain how many people would show up at Brocach if I went there...

Anyone interested in going to MKE with me for my birthday? More than ample crash space is available, and I know all the cool spots to hit down there now... it'll be a lot of fun, and the pubs in MKE are much cheaper than the ones in Madison!

Let a chimp pimp know, yo.

The hole grows deeper still

So, despite having paid my rent, the assholes in charge of my apartment building filed in court for eviction ANYWAY, the same day I paid rent.

So NOW, I need to come up with $89.50, by TOMORROW. Because, of course, the fucking thing needs to be paid BEFORE the 2nd, and since that's MONDAY, I am well and truly fucked.

Also, my phone will in all probability be shut off again tomorrow or so, since I got a disconnection notice AGAIN today.

Fucking bastards.

Fuck ALL of this shit. Fuck it to DEATH.


So, I was bopping about on the internet, reading some spoiler-ey threads here and there, when I came across the neutron frakking bomb of spoilers. I'm talking about the BIG NASTY THREAD OF SPOILER DEATH here. So I read it. I got to the end of the page, and there it was. Seething. Bubbling maliciously. Spewing hatred and terrifying, mind-crushing truths from my screen like a pissed off phalanx of suicidal Spartans facing The Persian Horde. Melting my BRAIN instantly with its devastating power and infernal intent.


Dear God. You NEVER saw it coming. Guaranteed.





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