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Potestatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Tamen ego operor

Monkey Love, Master of the Kama Simian

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the_chimp_pimp is a dangerous deviant. Definately someone to run away from, this egomaniacal lunatic is a danger to anyone holding a pint of Guinness or a bottle of scotch. A designer, illustrator, comic book artist, and production monkey by trade, a lush, goof-off and restless layabout by inclination, this 3/4 Mick, 1/4 Kraut bastard son of Eire can probably knock back a 1/2 liter of Guinness faster than you, and will happily test this theory if you're buying. A purveyor of dark imagery, dark beer, dark wine, bleak illustration, and 'pay-me-bitches' design work, he is someone to flee from, as long as you can do it subtley. He is known to be skittish, and will happily shoot at rapidly moving objects. Or people. Especially people. the_chimp_pimp hates all life, and flings poo about like the true Masters of the Kama Simian, among which he is heartily counted. Fear my Monkey Lovin'.
Strengths: Pimpin', bass-thumping, drawing, inking, art directing, collecting, prevaricating on just about anything.
Weaknesses: Self-doubt, condescension, contempt, drinking, defeatism.
Special Skills: Devours the souls of the weak. Never afraid to tell the truth. Unless it matters. Also, Goat-Fu.
Weapons: Sharp wit. Sharp mouth. Endless adjectives. Hatred of All That Lives. Contempt. Byproduct of drinking.
Quote: I'll swallow your soul.

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I draw scary people, places and things.
I paint in oils, acyrlics, and more and more, digitally.
I write dark tales, usually set at night.
I hold an Associate in Applied Arts Degree in Graphic Design/Illustration.
I design whatever I get paid to design.
I do production art for whoever gives me money.
I play horror games. Vampire, primarily.
I storytell rpgs as well. Again, usually Vampire games.
I ink comic books. But not lately.
I read constantly, primarily nonfiction gangster histories, and fantasy and horror novels.
I swear. Often. Too often, probably... oh, fuck all that.
I have long, curly red hair. It's more a mane than regular hair, really.
I love movies. Historical dramas, intelligent action, fantasy, horror, gangster movies and westerns are all good stuff.
I listen to music. I like funk, heavy metal, jazz, rock, and Irish music, primarily, though I listen to all kinds of stuff, depending on my mood.
I drink, primarily Guinness, single malt scotches and big red wines.
I own a dachshund named Thor the Thunder Dog, who is mightier than you.
I also own a dachshund named Loki, who is the Racing Red Wiener, and he, too, is mightier than you!
I have tattoos. Most of them are Celtic in design. Some are tribal.
I've got Irish ancestors. I'm fiercely proud of my heritage.
I've been to Ireland. I drank there. A lot. It was like coming home. I'm going there again tomorrow, actually.
I drive a Jeep Cherokee. I love Jeeps.
I'm a passionate, fiery personality. That gets me into trouble at times.
I love my friends. I would go to the wall for a true friend, cost be damned. Period.
I occasionally wear pants. Not if I can avoid it, though. Damn the pants!
I own a Utilikilt. It's a black Mocker, and it's cooler than any pants could ever hope to be.
I could probably offend you if I tried. Or even if I didn't try. More and more, I'm trying not to. It's no longer worth the emotional and spiritual cost to me to be so negative.


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